Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina slams the Gulf Coast and Air Mobile is planning to assist with clean water!

The Air Mobile Team in India deploys another Voyager.

Report submitted by Joe Hurston - President Air Mobile - Mumbai, India - August 30, 2005 9:02am (India time)

The images this morning of the destruction from Katrina are devastating! The phone rang all night, as Christian and Cherie called to update me on the developments with the Air Mobile Team coming together to assist in Katrina relief. Tom Flaim, our newest Air Mobile associate has been in close touch with Emergency Management Teams working at ground zero of Katrina. Already, the immediate need for clean drinking water is coming in everywhere.

Tom Flaim is highly skilled in this arena. His company, Group One Associates works world-wide with "First-Resonders". Tom is identifying areas that Air Mobile can deploy for immediate assistance. We're so thankful that Tom is part of our team!

Our manufacturing company, CSA is turning out Vortex Voyagers TM immediately to meet the needs. Air Mobile team members from past deployments are coming forward to offer their assistance with their airplanes and skills. Bill Dunklee of Airborne Ministries has offered to fly with us with his aircraft. Doug Rodante, an Air Mobile Team member from Haiti and Tsunami deployments has offered his skill and airplane. Pastor Evelio Quintero has offered the use of his airplane. The calls keep coming in. Glory be to God for His people stepping up to the plate.

We are so thankful that Air Mobile has teams working in the Katrina devastated Gulf region and in India! Air Mobile is definately stretching and growing. Remember that prayer of Jabez, "Bless us and expand our territory....". At this time, over 120 Vortex Voyagers TM are pumping clean water world-wide!

Here in India, the mission is proceeding on course. Today, we will be going into the slum areas that have been hard hit by the great flood of July 26th. We'll be bringing water purification into these areas. Our point of contact is a Pastor who works closely in the slums.

I just spoke with Christian a few minutes ago and got a final assesment before he went to sleep. This time difference has us calling each other in the middle of each others night. I'm open to returning as needed. As the situation unfolds, it appears that Air Mobile is going to need all the help it can get to meet the Katrina catastrophe.

Yesterday, Barbara and Cindy traveled to the village of Dolkhamb in the Thune District. The journey took 3 hours (115km). It is a tribal community with an agriculture based society and extremely poor. Stick houses, cow dung walls and very poor water quality.

Our point of contact was Sermakani and Hannah Abraham. Dr. Stephen recommended them. The Abraham's are Indian missionaries who daily visit all of the residents of three villages and care for their medical needs. They've been doing this for 11 years. They were trained by Cindy and Barbara on the operation of the Vortex Voyagers TM and have vowed to use it for the whole community for all who need clean water. This Voyager will immediately reduce the fevers, dysentary, and other water-borne diseases that plague these areas.

Do you realize that with your prayer and help, Air Mobile has already deployed Vortex Voyagers TM in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Kenya and India as well as the USA! Stay in touch as Air Mobile continues to reach out both HOME & ABROAD!!

We just heard that the levee in New Orleans has been breached! Our heart goes out to those in such desparate need! The U.S. Air Mobile Team is in full mobilization. I just spoke with Christian again and the pieces are coming together for immediate deployment! We'll update on our next report!

Joe, Cindy and Barbara