Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The New Orleans levees breached - Inundation of nightmare proportions!

U.S. Air Mobile Team cleared "First-In Disaster Team" by FEMA!

Air Mobile Team in India deploys another Voyager to the utterly desperate!

Report submitted by Joe Hurston - President Air Mobile - Mumbai, India - August 31, 2005 1:42pm (India time)

As we watched the levee breach, then heard a Charity Hospital spokesman state the water was coming up 1" every 5 minutes in downtown New Orleans, our greatest concern was realized. New Orleans was being inundated! I know New Orleans very well. We're so sad for this incredible loss. Many are feared dead. Cindy and I knew that I must return to assist in the greatest natural disaster in American History!

A major problem on this end is NO SEATS! Well, this morning, I headed out early for the airport to see our Lord OPEN A CLOSED DOOR. HE DID! I'm flying back to the U.S. this evening (India time). Will land at Orlando tomorrow afternoon at 3:00pm.

Our U.S. Air Mobile Team has been doing a spectacular job of putting a major relief effort together. I spoke with Tom Flaim this morning and FEMA has named Air Mobile a "First-In Disaster Team". Tom has done a remarkable job of getting Air Mobile and the Vortex Voyager to the right people.

So many have come forward to help. My dear friend, Bill Dunklee, founder of Airborne Ministries has offered to fly with us in his Cessna T-337. Doug Rodante, now a Veteran Air Mobile Team member (worked Haiti and the Tsunami with us) has offered to fly his Cessna 401. Pastor Evelio Quintero of Orlando and another very dear friend has graciously offered his Cessna 337 for me to personally fly in the Katrina Relief effort. The entire Cartridge Source of America (CSA) staff is working together to get as many Vortex Voyagers TM ready for this life-saving mission. It is truly heartwarming to have so many come forth to help!! This should be "Our Finest Hour" to serve the Lord!!

Looks like we may get flight clearance into the disaster area as early as September 3rd. We're putting all the pieces into place. Of course, we'll keep you informed via this "running journal".

It is clear that CLEAN DRINKING WATER is a top priority everywhere we look. We truly believe that our Lord has brought us here for "Such a Time as this". I never cease to marvel at how Rolf Engelhard (the Inventor of the Vortex) and I became friends over 17 years ago. Now, we have a tool that can transform very dirty water into very clean drinking water instantly. Surely, the Lord gave this invention to Rolf!

Meanwhile, the Air Mobile Team in India is right on course. Yesterday, we deployed another Vortex Voyager in one of the most precious ministries we have ever encountered, S.E.A.L. Brother Phillip is an amazing man.

He and his wife care for the absolute outcast of Indian society. The maimed, mentally ill, terminally ill, blind, etc. He and his wife have an amazing story of Grace and Love! Phillip has his Masters of Divinity Degree and his wife is from a very wealthy family. Yet, they live with these precious ones that our Jesus describes as "the least of these" in Matthew 25. They provide food, water, cleanse their wounds, clothe and love them. That is exactly what Jesus would do!

You know, even the way we found Phillip was incredible. We had made contact with another brother when Cherie had traveled to Thailand and Sri Lanka in May. We had met with Pastor P.V. George last week and offered a Vortex Voyager to him. He in turn brought us to Phillip, another ministry entirely and had us donate the Voyager to him. I know that the Lord will bless Pastor George's selfless act. It's also so encouraging when we see ministries sharing with one another in this manner. It was such a joy to donate another Vortex Voyager to Phillip and his precious ministry!

We then went to beautiful piece of property that Phillip's ministry has purchased. Their plan is to build a wonderful ministry home there. They had been told by geologist and many others that there was NO WATER on the property. After prayer and fasting, the Lord directed them to a spectacular well on the land. This water will irrigate the region.

As we walked the property, we sensed such a presence of the Lord there. We look forward to returning and seeing all that our Lord is doing with them.

Enroute to Phillip's, we saw evidence of the great flood. These people have suffered so, BUT their resilience is astounding. Though the water had risen between 10 and in places 25 feet, it was hard to see evidence of the flood. They had cleaned up and immediately gotten on with their lives. We were also amazed at what a huge area this flood had effected. It must have been hundreds of square miles. We are so pleased that Air Mobile can be here to help them in their hour of need.

While I was at the airport this morning, Cindy and Barbara headed back out to the "Gypsy" community. You may recall that we had been there last week. After donating a Voyager to Dr. Paul and her beautiful, sweet Children's Home, we had later decided to donate a Voyager to Gypsies. So, as I write this report, they are in the provinces of India blessing another community with clean water and our Lord's love! After they return, I'll try to post a few photos of their mission.

Tomorrow, Cindy and Barbara will meet with an Assembly of God Missionary and assess his needs for a Voyager. In my conversation with him, he described the great suffering of those with whom he is ministering and their desperate need for clean drinking water. Then Cindy and Barbara fly out tomorrow night for Thailand (without me!). I have so much confidence in Cindy and Barbara, as they are mighty women of God and will complete this Air Mobile mission with excellence. It still doesn't make it any easier to say good bye and fly half way around the world. Our Lord promises us that "His grace is sufficient"!

Well, better wrap this up for now. Will try to get a little rest before boarding the flight home at midnight. It will take 26 hours to get home. Love you all!! THANK YOU AGAIN for standing with, praying and supporting this ministry!!

Joe, Cindy and Barbara

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