Saturday, August 20, 2005

Water-Borne Diseases are causing outbreaks of a variety of illnesses in India! - Air Mobile is going!!

Report Submitted by Joe Hurston - President - Air Mobile

As we begin loading our suitcases with Vortex Voyagers TM, we're monitoring the various diseases that are gripping the region. The latest outbreak is Encephalitis and Malaria. We're also getting excellent contacts upon arrival in Mumbai. So many details to bring together. We just booked our Thailand internal flight from Bangkok to Chaing Rai in the Northern region. We'll be going into areas that have been greatly affected by the flood. Been checking the weather, via the Weather Channel and the rains are still falling, but not in monsoon quantity, thank God!

It's difficult for us to imagine the suffering and grief that these precious people are going through. First the floods, then the diseases! These precious people need clean water and encouragement! Our team, Cindy, Barbara and me, just have this strong urge to just get there!

I am very pleased to tell you that we have received funding for 3 more units since yesterday! PRAISE GOD! That leaves funding for 4 more units! We're really trusting the Lord for every dime necessary to make this journey.

You know, I'd like to share something with you. It seems that the Lord doesn't need to urge me very strongly to get out of the boat. I was meeting with some of advisors to this ministry when this subject came up. I chuckled to say, our Lord sometimes has a harder time keeping me in the boat until He's ready for me to get out. I guess that can work both ways. I guess I'd rather err on the side of eagerness to plunge in, than gripping the side of the boat not wanting to get out. I suppose I've gotten out so many times in the past, I just know that I know that our Lord won't leave me or forsake, even when.....I plunge out of the boat before He's ready for me to. Believe, me, I don't say any of this boastfully, I'm actually confessing a weakness. I know some of my wise advisers will agree. Thank God they love me and put up with me and my eagerness to "just GO"! We truly need each other. Well, enough of the soul-cleansing.

In just a few minutes, I'm heading to our local airport to do a little flying with a fine young man, Ryan Goheen. Ryan's dad is John Goheen, the guy who did the HD Net World Report DVD when we went to Indonesia immediately after the tsunami. Ryan is interviewing for a job with a local flight academy and is taking a check ride on Monday. I've offered to fly with him a bit and let him "practice" his flight instruction skills on me. Then, it'll be back to packing.

Oh yes, just found out the Northwest Airlines has gone on strike. Yes, we are flying Northwest Airlines. They have assured me that the strike should not effect us. PLEASE Pray that they are correct!!

Again, really appreciate you reading my ramblings, kind of like "The anatomy of Relief Mission". I'm really sharing my heart with you. Feel free to call our office and speak with Cherie and Christian Hurston while we are in India. Also, e-mail us. In the evenings, we usually manage to find a free computer to communicate. Again, I just love this technology. It's certainly not like the old days of Ham Radio and slow boats! Well, better run for now. God Bless and stay in touch!!


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