Monday, August 22, 2005

The Mail is on the way! We just checked the Voyagers in with Northwest!

Report submitted by Joe Hurston - President - Air Mobile

We're at the Orlando International Airport, just checked our bags and having a great lunch. Christian and Cherie have joined us just before we depart. It's nice to be here early. Northwest is not anticipating any problems for this leg of our flight, but the strike is going full steam ahead. Please pray that this issue is resolved quickly.

We just got some more crucial contacts from a dear friend, Allen Reesor. Allen grew up in India. Well, here we are on the threshold of another mission.

Checked the weather a little while ago and there are some very serious thunder storms forming over Thailand at this time. This will make the situation there more difficult. After years and years of flying international flights, I guess I look at weather with a greater interest. Also, track weather patterns days before arrival. Again, it's so cool to have all of this technology available.

Well, we fly to Detroit then to Amersterdam then to Mumbai. We arrive sometimes tomorrow night. Going to be close to 26 hours enroute.
Will try to write from Amsterdam. Feel free to call the Air Mobile office at: 321-=267-7726 or 321-567-0332. Cherie or Christian will pretty much know our whereabouts. God Bless You and THANKS for your prayer!!

Joe, Cindy and Barb


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