Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The First Vortex Voyager TM has been deployed in India!!

Report submitted by Joe Hurston - President - Air Mobile
Mumbai, India - August 24, 2005 10:28pm (India Time)

We arrived at the Hospital in Thane at exactly noon! No small accomplishment after weaving our way through the Mumbai traffic and traveling an hour and a half north with a skilled driver named Hossein. Meeting Dr. Stephen Alfred at the LOK Hospital in Thane was an incredible experience! This is certainly one of the reasons why our Lord sent us to India.

We were moved by Dr. Stephen's wonderful story. A successful cancer surgeon in the UK who sensed a higher call, he returned to India with his wife Claire and their two young sons, Joshua and Ben seven years ago. Today, a beautiful hospital stands as a testimony of grace and obedience. Now, Dr. Stephen is reaching out to Aids victims in the slums. The plan is to break ground on a new hospital and transform the existing LOK hospital into a specialized AIDS hospital. What a vision! We were directed to Dr. Stephen by a dear friend of Barbara Walker, Dr. Steve Henley. I never cease to marvel at how the Lord puts the pieces together.

It was a pleasure to donate India's first Vortex Voyager TM to Dr. Stephen. We trust that he will use this machine in an area of great need. The pure water it will produce will enhance the lives and help bring healing and health to many. This is exactly what Jesus meant when He said, "I was thirsty and you gave me to drink....when did we ever see you thirsty, Lord?....when you've done it unto the least of these, my brethern, you've done it unto Me". As Dr. Stephen quietly said to us, "I beleive this is what Jesus would do".

We'll be traveling to a rural area closer to where the flood of July 26th(37.2" of rain in 24 hours!) did devastating damage. Oh yes, Dr. Stephen described that fateful day. He was seeing patients, nearly 250 that morning, when he noted the heavy rains. He just kept seeing patients when within 30 minutes the entire first floor of the hospital was under 6-8 feet of water. As we observed the hospital today, there was little or no evidence of the great flood. It must have been a heroic effort to get the area cleaned and functional so quickly. Dr. Stephen showed us the high water mark, the tell-tale evidence of the flood. The atmosphere in the hospital was very sweet. Barbara, Cindy and I then left and had lunch with Dr. Stephen, Claire and their two sons in their home. We were blessed by their kindness and love.

On the way back to the hotel, the Air Mobile team collapsed in exhaustion. The jet lag hit us like a ton of bricks. After a couple of hours sleep this afternoon, we're up and functional again. The problem is, it's 11:47pm here and we're wide awake. Tomorrow is going to be a full day viewing slum areas right here in Mumbai hard hit by the flood. We still have many excellent contacts to make. We'll keep you up on all that's happening.

While writing, just got a phone call from another contact. This one is a result of the trip to Thailand and Sri Lanka by our daughter Cherie in May. A solid connection was made that has developed into another meeting tomorrow evening. Again, we stand amazed at how this mission is progressing. We all knew that our Lord was strongly directing us here. It's just cool to see the pieces come together so wonderfully!!

We can say with great joy that Day One of our Mission was a complete success! Your help, love and prayer means alot to us. Until tomorrow, God Bless You!!

Joe, Cindy and Barbara

PS - Feel free to e-mail us. Each evening we've got great access to the internet. Besides that, with our clocks all whacky, it's nice to be able to communicate with friends in the late hours. Joe