Friday, August 26, 2005

All over the city of Mumbai!

Report submitted by Joe Hurston - President - Air Mobile - August 26, 2005 12:38am (India time)

We were all over Mumbai today. We were exploring the city and learning more about the effects of the great flood of July 26th. We were absolutely amazed at how the city has been cleaned. There is little evidence that a massive flood had occurred. Yet, so many that we spoke with had been effected. Just as Dr. Stephen had told us, the flood came quickly, often between thirty minutes and an hour, the water was upon them. The levels were between three and eight feet. Yet, the massive, sprawling city of Mumbai is functioning "almost" as if nothing happened. We really enjoyed the old and beautiful parts of Mumbai. I couldn't resist sharing this shot of Cindy at the "Gateway to India".

We were saddened by the poverty and the ever present street begging. Though we've spent years in Haiti, the scenes of poverty and desperation still break our hearts.

This day in the city simply made us all the more resolved to place as many Vortex Voyagers TM into the right hands! We were reminded of what Dr. Stephen said yesterday, "What would Jesus do?"

After returning from a full day we met several leaders from the Church of Mumbai. Their ministry focuses on the slum areas in and around Mumbai. We were really encouraged to see their love for the Lord and see their desire to reach out to those in such need. After demonstrating the Voyager TM to them, we have set next Tuesday to go and see their work and hear their plans of using the Voyager TM.

Tomorrow, we're off to a Children's home in an area greatly impacted by the flood. It's way past our bedtime so we'd better run and get some sleep. Again, we truly appreciate your love and prayer. We'll write more tomorrow.

Joe, Cindy and Barbara

PS - We've been monitoring a storm named Katrina and seeing that up to 20" of rain is expected in South Florida! From over here in India, we're certainly praying for Florida! Love you all!!